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How to Hypnotize Someone Fast

Master Hypnotist Reveals Forbidden Secret Of How To Control People's 

Master Hypnotist reveals secret Forbidden how to hypnotize a person and control the People

Master Hypnotist reveals secret forbidden how to control the minds of people ( without their knowledge ) and make them obey covert commands during normal conversation ! "

How to hypnotize a person fast can be achieved if you know the techniques on how to do it. It's not an easy thing. This is a challenge at some point because people vary and how that yield to hypnosis is different from the other . Highly creative people are easier to hypnotize compared to those that are highly rational. Subjects that are reasonable most of the time do not tend to believe in daydreaming. People fantasize more frequently are perfect subjects for hypnotism .
like hypnotizing a person ? There is a part in which a person has to be open to anything without reservation and with that kind of thinking requires a whimsical theme and fantasies of the mind.

The best part : The subjects have no idea what is happening as quickly and easily put into a hypnotic trance ... implant your specific suggestions ... and ... direct their thoughts and actions to do exactly what you want all while they are wide awake and talking with you ...
Read on to find out what the American Medical Association , the "Greatest Hypnotist of All Time " and the current hypnosis establishment kept hidden under " lock and key " for decades and hoped you'd never discover ...

Greatest Hypnotist Of All TimeIt's true...

How to hypnotize a person really can hypnotize people in everyday situations wing. Quickly and easily. Without them knowing what's going on. Although they are fully awake ... but ... under your hypnotic spell. The obedient moment. Ready, willing and able to do what you say.
While it may sound a bit exaggerated'll try every word is true. So take a few minutes and read this site. Because you are about to discover some amazing things including ...
WHY THE "GREATEST OF ALL TIME HYPNOTIST" I tried to keep this secret POWERFUL outside the mainstream ...
Dr. Milton H. Erickson, MD, Ph.D. was the leading authority on hypnosis.
Continued ...

He spent 60 years learning, studies and technical tests like hypnotizing a person. Many of them pioneered . His skills became so skilled that he could hypnotize subjects while talking with them. They had no idea what was happening. However, they followed the orders of Dr. Erickson at the right time .

The main focus of his work was on applying hypnosis in medical or therapeutic environments. He also used his knowledge in everyday to gain a considerable advantage over other situations.

For example , until 1953 the doctors were forbidden the use of hypnosis , while treating patients.

The American (AMA ) Medical Association prohibited members of the practice. Dr. Erickson believed that hypnosis is a viable and effective therapeutic tool . To keep his medical license , he became an expert at hypnotizing patients during " normal" conversation. He broke the rules and taught himself ...

Putting People on Waking Trance Without anyone knowing ...

Complete secrecy was paramount .

At the same time , Dr. Erickson refused to teach you how to hypnotize anyone other than a person licensed physicians , dentists and psychologists. He felt that his techniques were too powerful for the average person .

They can be used irresponsibly to the detriment of others.

With negative consequences such as these ...



All you need is time to read step by step procedure, and you'll see they're getting results. I hope you can appreciate, from and a greeting.

Cheat Sheet
A script full induction mesmerizing Any

This cheat sheet was originally written by professional hypnotherapist and hypnotist previous stage, Steven Hall HOCM MASC NLP. Its purpose is to reveal the secrets of hypnosis, making it accessible to everyone.

These techniques work for stage hypnosis or hypnotherapy, but are taught here for information only. After reading this article you will have the knowledge and expertise to hypnotize people capacity, but please do not practice hypnosis without having undergone intensive study. Click here for details.

Lesson One: Hypnosis is natural

The first thing you need to know is that hypnosis is a very natural situation. It does not require special power to hypnotize someone. If you can talk you can hypnotize.

In fact, it is a natural state that people go into hypnosis regularly without even realizing it. The most common natural states produced while staring into a fire or when driving (it is the time when you suddenly realize you are not sure which route you have just driven home!) If going to hear some positive suggestions while these trance states naturally would have an effect on you ... to be aware of commercial radio on long trips occur!

When you intentionally hypnotize someone what you are doing is running the switch that puts them in this natural state at a time of your phone (y) the election, so you can use productively.

Lesson Two: The causes relaxation trance

There are many things that have been found to cause trance, these include confusion, shock, repetition, attention and focused relaxation. For the purposes of the studies will focus on relaxation, since it is easier to produce without offending your client.

We will also be using the spotlight as this will help stop your mind customers get distracted during the induction process.

The initial induction process is getting the customer to relax, and as
many people have forgotten how to do this, you have to help them out a bit, most people are a lot tighter than you think.

Lesson Three: Relaxation customer

Before you actually start the hypnotic process is a good idea to have your client do some physical relaxation exercises. This will put them in a much more sensitive state during the actual induction and save a lot of time.

The easiest and most effective way is to have them tense and relax your muscles. Start with the face, making it nice and tight leg, hold it for a few seconds and then relax. Then have them crunch your shoulders, keep you relax. Move the arms, torso, abdomen, upper (then low) and finally legs feet. When tightening the legs and feet, make sure to tell your client to make their toes and feet to the body instead of straight to note that as this could cause cramps.

You should also tell your client that if tension a given area may be inadvisable due to health problems, then you can simply skip this field. An example would be someone who has suffered with a hernia.

Once you have systematically tensed and relaxed each area were tense and relax the whole body at once. This simple exercise will release a lot of stress and put them nicely for the induction process.

Lesson Four: The IRON MAN Induction Process

Now that you know that relaxation and focused attention are two of the keys to success of induction, you are ready to learn the script induction. I put a script word for word for you below, but these words are not some kind of mystical enchantment, is not a spell that produces trance, are just a suggestive list of instructions and commands to produce a state of relaxation. You can easily make your own induction script using this as a guide. The goal here is to get your client to relax, so use your imagination and decorate what I have given here.

By delivering the script, do it in a confident tone of authority. Do not be too strong, or your client can oppose and resist taking orders. As you learn more about trance from other studies you will learn much about the hypnotic voice, however at this time my advice is to keep things very simple.

Use a monotone base, speak clearly and slowly. As the trance his voice should slow progress to complement your relaxed state.

To induce the trance that his client feels in a position they are comfortable and continue to the next ...

Lesson Five: The induction script

You are sitting here listening to the sound of my voice, maybe wondering how you are going to go into a trance. At these words he would like to focus your eyes on an imaginary spot on the ceiling. That's good, at a time will start counting when I say number one, I would close my eyes, and then number two, slowly open, continue to open and close his eyes in alternating of numbers in this way until your eyes feel so heavy that it would be easier and more comfortable letting them remain closed.

Whether the eyes are closed or open you want to keep your focus on that point on the ceiling. Do not lower the numbers look at where their eyes are closed, keep your eyes fixed in their position and imagine that you are still looking at the place.


(As you progress through the numbers begin to slow the pace of his voice, the number 11 should be at a slow tempo relaxingly easy. When the eyes are not open to all go to the next section)

1 Close your eyes now, but keep them in place.
2 Now slowly open.
3 Close your eyes now, to see how comfortable it feels to let them rest.
4 Now slowly open up, keep the look in place.
5. soft close and slowly as the sound of my voice is heard.
6 Slowly open.
7 The close today, and soon his eyelids begin to feel very tired and heavy.
8 Nice and slowly open.
9 Leave just close them now, so comfortable, so heavy and relaxed.
10 Gradually open and focus on that point.
11 More and stronger with each number now, that's fine. More and more relaxed as their eyes begin to feel very tired.
12 Gently and slowly now resubmitted.
13 And close every time you open them, it becomes more and more difficult. Heavier and heavier.
14 Feel the heaviness in your eyelids as you open them now.
15 And let them close. The eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, more tired and more with each issue. That's fine. As it becomes more comfortable to just keep the closed can allow yourself to be kept closed.
16 And open ... so heavy ... so tired.
17 And I close them again. As comfortable and relaxed. Listening to my voice eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, and quieter. Heavier and heavier with each number.
18 Feel the increasing weight now that open.
19. closes again. Now heavier and heavier, so heavy, so tired, so relaxed, that's fine.
20 And open.
21 And closed. The eyelids are as heavy as now that I'm to tell
increasingly difficult to open your eyes, do not try to resist this,
feel its heaviness and when it is more convenient to keep your eyes closed, just enjoying keep them closed. That's fine.
22 And slowly open.
23 Now close them, just let it rest for a moment and enjoy the feeling your eyes resting on their orbits, that's fine.

(Your customer's eyes must be closed at some point between the numbers 10 and 15 Some customers try to avoid the exit and continue again, simply tell them that this is not an exercise to see how long you can last, and they must allow close their eyes when they feel comfortable doing so. If your eyes still open at 22 tell them that close and keep closed the number 23 will then continue to the next.)

Now that you have your eyes closed, I would continue listening to the sound of my voice as I continue to relax. In a few moments was so completely relaxed and comfortable it easy for you to enter trance.

Going into trance my voice is still heard. You can still have thoughts, thoughts may think, but you do not have to think, while listening to the sound of my voice who likes to imagine his floating thoughts, as if they were tied to a helium-filled balloon that carries no effort in the distance.

While relaxing I wonder if you can remember how you feel when you are so completely relaxed that body awareness is lost. Or maybe, what you feel when you are so comfortable, so snuggled and warm that you can sink right down to comfort. And maybe, sometimes when you hear so much attention to what someone is saying everything else seems to fade, and to hear this voice now, perhaps you can imagine how you feel, since all your tensions melt away, allowing you to sink right down to comfort.

That's it. I do not want to lose awareness of your body ... for now. For now just enjoy the process.

I do not know if it will go into trance quickly, or it may take a little more
I enjoy the process as you begin to happen .... now.

That's fine. Just relax and listen to the sound of my voice. You are doing great.

To help you relax I would imagine that is outdoors, on a wonderful summer day. You are in a safe and relaxing place where you are free to really relax and enjoy the surroundings. Find a comfortable place to sit where you can relax for a moment, perhaps leaning against a tree or rock, that's fine.

You are safe here, sure to relax completely, and no matter how much you go into trance, my voice will go with you.

Lesson Six: Black mirror technique

 By the time you get to this section and the client will be in a suggestible state, but induction is not complete. Now it's time to relax even more.

Continue the process of induction using the following script. How to find your comfortable place to relax and listen to my voice can begin to allow tensions to melt away from you just as if they were just dripping from your body and soak into the ground, that's fine. To help you relax I like to imagine that a small area of ​​positive energy to relax effortlessly floating above your head now. Just hanging there waiting. You can imagine this orb shape you choose, you might see it as a light or color, or maybe you can just feel his presence.

At times this energy orb will move slowly through your body, as it does, all the muscles she touches instantly becomes twice more relaxed, allowing you to feel a soft sweetness within your muscles, causing your muscles feel so heavy, so soft and loose.

While relaxing you can imagine this orb are starting your trip now slowly falling deeper and deeper as it relieves smooth through your hair and deep leather, deep down to the very core of your brain, that's fine, relax completely as you do.

As this energy begins to absorb around the sides of his head sinking deep in your ears now, and no matter how deep in trance trance entering my voice will always be here with you. Gliding around each side of the head now and gently soak in and around his eyes, perhaps bringing a wonderful and quiet warmth or cooling provide its eyes as it does.

You can only take a few moments now to really relax all those little muscles in and around your eyes, that's fine. Feel your forehead ease while relaxing your face, your eyes now resting in their sockets, so comfortable, so easy and relaxed.

As you may have your eyes relaxing this energy continues along his cheeks and gradually into the muscles of his jaw. This wonderfully relaxing feeling of deep immersion in the bones of his jaw as he does now want to leave me hanging from his weak and slack jaw, which is fine, he's doing really well.

As you continue to relax this sensation makes his way down the powerful muscles of his neck, the muscles that have been working so hard on the heavy head upright all day. That's fine, just relax and allow this feeling of softness extends across your shoulders. Notice how the shoulders may drop a little more relaxed with each breath, until you feel completely free.

As you continue to relax more and more of this wonderful feeling facilitates deeper and more so now, that's fine, more and more and as you can go deeper and deeper into trance, this wonderful feeling can be moved so deeply now so deep down , soaking deep in her shoulders and arms slowly. Your arms get heavier and heavier as you relax more and more relaxed, to feel good and straight and loose, that's good. The muscles in his arms are so relaxed, like a bunch of rubber bands limp, that's fine. When enjoying these sensations a smooth waveform relaxation starts at the shoulders and flows all the way back, taking you deeper into trance.

Deeper and deeper into a trance now, no effort needed at all, it's so easy to relax and let it happen by itself. Like when you go to sleep at night, you just relax and let it happen by itself. Trance is like that now, just let go into a trance and I love the process as you relax more and more, that's fine.

As these feelings move down to the legs you can imagine has been running so fast for so long that you are so tired, so tired that all you want to do is relax ... and now you can relax and is, only allow your legs to relax now, relax and let go completely, feeling tired to take you heaviness deepening.

Lesson Seven: Trance Deepening Techniquewith u

 The above script will have your customer in a state of light trance. At this stage, due to relaxation, you will be more susceptible to the suggestion that
normal waking consciousness, however, to ensure successful hypnosis is necessary to deepen the trance state. Deepening scripts create an association with the movement in a downward direction and enter a deep state of trance.

We will use a very simple script that is easy to learn here, is very effective and many hypnotists use this method. Just continue from where you left off with the following instructions deepening.

As a simple exercise, which have consistently relaxed throughout your body, and this has been very easy for you to do. Now, it's time to go deeper into trance, and it will help to trance, I would imagine you are standing on top of an escalator. In a moment I will start counting down from 10 to 1.

When I say number 10 he is up to the escalator and as this tale that will ride slowly down the stairs until you reach number 1, where it will be at the bottom of the stairs and down.

Before starting I would like to inform you of the magical qualities of this imaginary ladder. This is the escalator to trance, and to travel down into the deepest trance going. While counting down slowly, I count each number takes you deeper into trance, and deeper into the trance of going relaxed you become. The more relaxed you become the deeper you go into trance.
So, as you stand at the top looking down I'd like to get ready to get on the escalator of this trance, and ...

10 I now turn to hold the ladder and hand rail as you begin your journey, increasingly trance.
Each number that story takes you deeper into trance, and further down the escalator ride the increasingly entranced go.
9 Further down the escalator now, gliding effortlessly down into trance.
8 That's right, each number will take increasingly trance.
7 Comfortably sliding down in trance, so easily, effortlessly, just relax and let it happen by itself.
6 Deeper and deeper now, okay. At the sound of my voice,
it will take more and more trance.
5. Halfway down the escalator now, relaxing so easily, each number will take increasingly trance.
4 Deeper and deeper, deeper and down effortlessly sliding deeper, becoming
more and more relaxed with each passing number
3 As you approach the bottom of the escalator that derives increasingly entranced increasingly open to suggestions you hear. That's fine, so deeply relaxed.
2 Almost at the bottom now, and when you reach the bottom, you can lose the
escalator easily and naturally, when the ladder falls down into a deep, deep trance .... And ... ..
1 In the background now, as down the escalator to be ten times
as relaxed, going deeper into trance. That's fine, he's doing really well ....

Lesson Eight: The Transition

 Now that you have completed the process of deepening your client will be in a very suggestible state of trance. However, through experience I have observed that the state of trance can be deepened if you take a moment to use a bit of confusion and transition already associated with sleep in the customer's mind.

To do this, as soon as you have finished the sequence of mechanical steps that follow commands with the following.

You are standing at the bottom of the stairs now, right in front of you is a bed, a special bed, a bed of dreams. If perch on this bed, they immediately fall into a deep sleep. But is not the kind of sleep you get at night, a special kind of sleep, because this is the bed when they climb on trance and he goes into a deep deep hypnotic sleep.

Climbing on the bed now and allow it to sink deeper and deeper into the comfortable and soft. As you sink into the comfort that fall into a deep, deep ... .... SLEEEEEP!

That's fine ... The kind of dream where you can dream, a special kind of hypnotic sleep, where you can dream that you are standing in front of a comfortable bed, a magical bed, a bed that can realize your dreams. As perch on this bed I fall into a deep, deep ... SLEEEEP!

The kind of dream where you can dream ... dream that you go deeper and deeper now, more and more .... SLEEEEP! A special type of dream, where you can still hear my voice, a wonderfully relaxing sleep, where you are free to dream, to dream that you are listening to the sound of my voice, listen to these suggestions as seeds planted deep in your subconscious mind.

Lesson Nine: Trance suggestions for phase

 The script transition just found makes it easy to get on with their suggestions. This is the real purpose of hypnosis, hypnotic suggestion, without you doing anything more than relax the client, and although this is incredibly beneficial in itself, is unlikely to lead to positive life changes, and certainly not very entertaining. What the state of trance is used for depends on your particular area of ​​interest, you can choose to develop trance for entertainment, or, as I like to think, you might be more interested in developing their skills as a hypnotherapist.

Perhaps one of the most important things that you should include in this phase is that your customer will be able to return to this state easily. This will be useful in all situations, but it is essential for stage hypnosis. This is done with a post hypnotic reference attaching a trigger for a desired action. Stage hypnosis is completely dependent on post hypnotic suggestions, such as:. "When I heard this piece of music that will jump on stage and start dancing" Then the volunteer is awakened from the trance and asked a few questions before the trigger music is played and the action carried out as requested.

The most important post hypnotic suggestion that stage hypnotists use is, "'For the rest of the night, each time you click your fingers and say the word' sleep 'instantly back into trance." Everything else a hypnotist stage comes down to personal taste and imagination.

Note that I said for the rest of the night, you must include these "safety
guards "to ensure that their volunteers go with the suggestions still active. hypnotic suggestions a post can theoretically last a lifetime, the longest I know has been 29 years, so be sure to use the time limits and remove them at the end of the play telling his subjects that are completely back to normal waking consciousness and the suggestions given to them during the show and has no effect.

Lesson Ten: Trance suggestions for therapy

 As already mentioned, this area of hypnosis is just for information at this stage, if you want to develop your skills as a hypnotherapist please first complete a course of study, we have included some information on this at the end of this article for you.

If you listen to the three golden rules of creation of therapy you will be able to
establish effective partnerships sequences hypnotic commands for almost any situation. But, as I say, this is not an area of an amateur should experiment with, and under no circumstances should diagnose or treat any ailment, no matter how obvious it may seem, without proper training.

The three basic rules of hypnotic suggestions are ...
1 Keep your positive suggestions
2 Keep your suggestions in the present tense
3 whole Testing pace for the future before making any changes

By adhering to these simple rules to avoid some of the common pitfalls of hypnotherapy.

For example, if you are treating someone for smoking a statement like: "You will quit in 2 weeks" break the first two rules, however, is making a proposal similar to the statement: "In two weeks, you a non-smoker, "while at the same time maintain a positive manner and focused on the present, perhaps, at first sight, appear to be the future tensed, but the statement," 'you are a non-smoker "is in the present and this will have an effect on how the subconscious mind accepts customers and acting on it.

Lesson once: Awakening customers trance

 One of the most commonly accepted misconceptions of trance is that it is possible to become "stuck" in hypnosis. This simply is not true. It is possible to get stuck in hypnosis, as it is being trapped in the normal sleep. If a situation arises when a person fell into a deep trance state that either activate when the hypnotist leaves, root boredom, lack of comfort or a full bladder, or if you are very tired, divided into normal sleep and wake up in the morning as usual.
It is actually very difficult to remain in the hypnotic state for a long period of time without the help of a hypnotist.

Having said this, you still need to know the correct way to wake your client. The following script should serve you well. The golden rule here is not to arouse
your client too abruptly, and always wakes them up in a good mood! Similarly progressively reduced its rate during induction was time to change things up ... rate and increase in volume as it runs through the awakening script, enthusiastic and make your voice vibrant and exciting .

In the next few minutes I'm going to count from 1 to 5 When I get to number 5
you will be fully awake and feeling absolutely fantastic. With each number I count it becomes more and more alert, until the number 5, open your eyes and wide awake.

1 From now awakening, conscious of my voice and the room around it.
2 Waking the trance feeling fantastic, bringing with you everything you have learned.
3 Aware of her body now, and the position of the arms and legs.
4 Stretch your arms and as you begin to open your eyes, feeling refreshed and enthusiastic about his experience trance.
5. eyes open and awake. Feels great!Well done!

And that's all there! If you consent, you can use these techniques to practice on their friends, but as the author of this material accept no responsibility for your actions. Be sensible and think about their suggestions before use, prepare everything you will say before you start, if you do things in the heat of the moment you can say something to you, or volunteering after they repented.

As with all practice makes perfect new skills, and learn a lot about the trance of his experiments with friends. That's what got me started, and in the early days I knew less about what trance just found this brief introduction. Sometimes my inductions worked, sometimes not, as their skills develop you will find your success increase, so will your hypnotic fascination with everything!

Learning hypnosis is the most valuable tool I have learned and believe that if you develop your skills as a hypnotist practicing rather than settle for a trance curiosity satisfied then you can change your life too.

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